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ISBN: 9781509840786

FILENAME: The Reason You're Alive.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 11 Jan 2018

I can sing you to sleep all night. Put me next to the open window, Promise me a second time. 'Cause I don't want to leave without you buried by my side. I'd rather kill the one responsible for falling stars at night, 'Cause they fall all around me. The night can be deadly. And they'll never take us ...


When sixty-eight-year-old Vietnam War veteran David Granger wakes up from emergency surgery, he finds himself repeating a name: Clayton Fire Bear, a soldier from whom he stole something long ago. And now, David knows he must make amends. It might be the only way to find happiness in a world increasingly at odds with the one he served to protect, and it might also help him recover from the loss of the wife he grieves for every day. Motivated by his adoring young granddaughter, Ella, David sets out to confront his past in order to salvage his present. Grumpy and argumentative he may be, but ultimately The Reason You're Alive challenges us to look beyond our own prejudices and search for the good in others.

The Reason You're Alive examines how the secrets and debts we carry from our past define us; it also challenges us to look beyond our own prejudices and search for the good in us all. + Read more ISBN: 9780062424303

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